Loose Lay LVT

lvt loose lay

Loose lay is a luxury vinyl flooring with added weight and durability. No adhesive is required in installation except for floor planks surrounding the perimeter of the room. The other planks are simply installed by laying pieces down without an adhesive on its back. The specialized backing of plank provides the traction needed to stay in place after installation. The backing also offers a sound barrier and more comfort on foot.

loose lay lvt structure
Loose Lay Structure

Plank Sizes

6″ x 36″152.4mm x 914.4mm
7″ x 48″177.8mm x1219.2mm
9″ x 48″228.6mm x 1219.2mm

Thickness & Wear Layer

  • 4.0mm 0.3/0.5/0.7
  • 5.0mm 0.3/0.5/0.7


100% Virgin


  • Simple to Install & Maintain
  • Added Sound Absorption & Comfort
  • Tile-by-Tile Replacement Possible