What is the difference between Click LVT Flooring and Rigid Core SPC Flooring?

Click LVT flooring and SPC flooring are two major types of luxury vinyl plank flooring.

Both of them are made with PVC (poly-vinyl chloride) and other materials. And they resemble each other in terms of appearance.

But their prices are different. Click LVT is more expensive than SPC. What is the difference between LVT and SPC?

This article will explain their differences in:


Click LVT has a plastic core with fiberglass reinforcement which gives it better size stability. Flooring plank size changes less under heat and cold.

click LVT structure
6 Layers Click LVT Plank

SPC has a rigid and heavy core which is a hybrid of plastic and compressed limestone powder. Compared with LVT, SPC is very hard flooring. The SPC rigid core has no reinforcement.

rigid core spc flooring structure
4 Layers SPC Plank


Flooring ThicknessLVT DensitySPC Density
4mm7.2 KGS/M28.0 KGS/M2
5mm9.0 KGS/M210.0 KGS/M2
6mm10.8 KGS/M212.0 KGS/M2

SPC flooring is 10% heavier than LVT. In a 20ft container, manufacturers can load 10% more LVT flooring compared with SPC.


The stone power used in the SPC rigid core can reduce the production cost. It is gaining more market with its lower prices than LVT vinyl.

Click LVT price is 10%-20% higher than SPC per square meter.

Foot Feel

The foot feel of the SPC rigid core is more like a ceramic tile. The flooring resembles wood flooring but its core is a stone plastic composite.

Click LVT is a resilient flooring. People walking on the LVT flooring don’t create as much sound as the SPC.

LVT is short for luxury vinyl tile. It is a luxury vinyl plank because its fiberglass layer helps to improve size stability. As a LVT flooring manufacturer in China, we recommend click LVT for home and premium projects. While SPC is more suitable for low budget users and commerical flooring.