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Vinyl Flooring Manufacturer in China

OEM Manufacturer of Vinyl Flooring Planks in China.
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Company Introduction

Our company is a professional manufacturer of vinyl plank flooring including rigid core vinyl (SPC) and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) in China. We have been working with flooring brands and wholesalers who need an OEM manufacturing partner in China.

Main OEM flooring products:

  • Click SPC Rigid Core
  • Click LVT
  • Loose Lay LVT
  • Glue Down LVT

Featured Products

spc click rigid core

Stone Polymer Composite Flooring with a Rigid Core

lvt click vinyl

Luxury Vinyl Tile with fibre Glass Reinforcement

lvt loose lay

Glueless Floating Flooring without Click

Thin flexible vinyl planks installed with glue on the back

spc flooring rigid core

Vinyl Flooring Features

Great improvements have been made on the vinyl flooring. The water-resistant capacity of vinyl flooring is superb compared with wood-based laminate flooring. There is no formaldehyde emission from the PVC tiles because there is no formaldehyde-based glue used in the production process.

For commercial spaces, our company supplies rigid core SPC with enhanced wear layer surface for high traffic. It creates an atmosphere of hybrid and modern. This design makes the best out of the floors.

Vinyl Flooring Types


What Type of LVT Flooring do you sell?

Gluedown Dry Back, Self-adhesive, Loose Lay, SPC Click Rigid Core.

What does SPC Stand For?

Stone Plastic Composite. SPC is an engineered luxury vinyl that combines limestone and stabilizers to create an extremely rigid core. It is installed with a click. Also called hybrid flooring.

Do you offer custom packaging?

Yes we do OEM branding.

What is the difference between Click LVT and SPC?

Click LVT features a glass fibre layer while SPC doesn’t.

Vinyl Trends